• Our Epiphany

    Our name comes from the Leleshwa Tree that bountifully surrounds our vineyards, embracing our passion and refreshing the work of our hands. As we worked moment by moment, day by day, we discovered the true spirit of Kenya. It’s the creative element that drives us, binds us, unites us.

    As Kenyans, we continually seek opportunities to express ourselves beautifully, naturally, artistically. We found a way to nurture this irrepressible essence and put it in a bottle. Kenyans love their own, and Kenya is what inspired us. Of course, there’s so much more that goes into those bottles, and we’d love to share the story with you.

    Our varieties include Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. We are always experimenting with new varieties at our vineyard and are excited to see what varietal we bottle next.
  • Our History

    20 years ago, experts told us we couldn’t grow grapes in this part of the world. We decided to prove them wrong, so we planted a vineyard at Morendat.

    It started out as a hobby, something fun and exotic, an excuse to spend the weekend in Naivasha.

    Two decades later, we produce up to 80,000 bottles of wine every year, and in 2015, we expect 150,000 bottles of the finest Kenyan wine.

  • Our Geography

    Our home is at Morendat Farm, Naivasha, in the heart of Africa’s Great Rift Valley. Lying along the equator, the grapes enjoy the warmth of the invigorating sun.

    Temperatures range from a cool 6° to a tropical 32° Celsius, and annual rainfall is 500 to 600mm. This equatorial climate allows each grape to mature and ripen slowly, patiently developing every nuance of its fine fruity taste.

    Naivasha’s high altitude of 2000 metres preserves the grapes’ delicate flavours.